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dawn mccollough
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Dawn McCollough

Dawn McCollough has overseen clinical trial support functions and clinical trials involving thousands of patients across numerous indications, geographies, and stages of development for nearly 30 years. Dawn has also helped numerous organizations grow from the ground up and to operationalize key milestone events in both clinical drug development and business.

Dawn started a consulting company in 2018. In addition to her director role at Lykos, she provides consultation to a variety of pharmaceutical, biotech, and CRO clients.

Previously, she headed clinical operations functions in start-up biotechnology organizations and headed medical research operations including the medical research team in late-stage development at Biogen. Prior to that, Dawn was head of the global monitoring organization for North America at Novartis vaccines and diagnostics, based in Cambridge, MA. Dawn began her career with Novartis as global head of clinical trial governance in Siena, Italy. Throughout the course of her career, she has participated in the development of numerous drug products from concept to approval. In addition to her time spent in the United States, she has worked extensively in Europe, Canada, Latin America and Asia. Dawn has been chosen as a top women’s leader within previously affiliated organizations.

Dawn has an entrepreneurial spirit and is passionate about developing new options for patients and for people. She enjoys travel and has a very strong connection with animals, nature and anything outdoors. She toes the line at ultra-marathons, about which she knows “the only way out is through”, but revels in the journey and enjoys spending time with friends and family.