About us

Vision & values

Mental health trailblazers

We are committed to making an impact on people’s lives. We envision a world where there are more tools available for the treatment of mental health and where conversations about mental health are destigmatized. There is an urgent need for more innovation. People need new options. Our mission is to transform mental healthcare. We aspire to challenge the status quo through the development of novel therapies and therapeutic approaches to treat mental health conditions. With 30+ years of experience researching psychedelic-assisted therapies, we remain committed to the rigorous pursuit of evidence-based development of novel approaches.

We are a public benefit corporation

As a public benefit corporation, we consider the impact of our decisions on society just as we think about financial implications. We balance the interests of our many stakeholders including our employees, healthcare providers, therapists, investors and others.

This means that we look through a public benefit lens with all that we do. We are working to better articulate how we are delivering on our impact objectives. We have started by creating four tenets to guide our focus which include:

  1. We are focused on addressing unmet mental health needs.
  2. We will work to prioritize access.
  3. We intend to have ethical, inclusive and sustainable operations.
  4. We aim to have equitable and inclusive management of science, data, and intellectual property rights.

Our values


We are ambitious in our goals and bold in our actions.
We prioritize our limited resources to areas that advance our mission the most.
We measure our performance, continuously improve and speak honestly when standards are not met.


We are accountable for our work and our actions.
We earn trust through honesty and upholding our commitments.
We act as stewards of this work.


We are curious and welcoming of new perspectives; we don’t listen to disapprove.
We are transparent.
We are inclusive; we welcome and empower underrepresented voices.


We act with compassion, especially in difficult situations.
We are attentive to the needs of others and treat people with respect.
We realize the significance of our work and take the time to do it right.